This is Faduchi

Starting small, Todd Neilson worked very hard to refine his type, colour, design, artistic and digital media skills while Josh Horvath built up his knowledge and technical 'know-how' in the areas of web, print and programming. Working together since 2004 on small projects, the boys were basically "graphic designers" until they were ready to start proving themselves.

In 2009, Faduchi Group was born. Growth was immediate. By surrounding themselves with other talented, creative people, they created a company that could serve their growing clientele better and built a creative design firm that is a force to be reckoned with.

Todd and Josh strive to push the limits, break some rules and in turn, help their clients succeed rather than just design them something. Faduchi Group has worked with many clients on a variety of levels and have always had fantastic feedback!

Faduchi Group would love to help you from start to finish, or to just add some design flavour to a current project. Either way Faduchi has grown, refined and built their company to help clients make their own company and creative projects like no other.

What does "Faduchi" mean? We'd love to answer that question.

  • Todd Neilson
  • Josh Horvath
  • Rony Mikhael
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