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Faduchi Group is a multi-disciplinary design studio, known for building strong brands through aggressive creative exploration.

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Visual identity, Voice, Culture

Often times people consider the word “brand” synonymous with the word “logo”. Though closely related, the logo is only one piece of what makes a brand recognizable. A brand’s visual expression gains recognition through the harmonious efforts of many supporting elements. Our job is to create a memorable name and logo, accompanied by a cohesive visual aesthetic, as we build our clients’ voice and culture into one that is strong and effective.

The brands we build are not only expressed visually but permeate every facet of the company, even how a customer is greeted at the door. This presents the culture in a more tangible way than a business card ever could and represents just one of the many components we specialize in to help companies engage with their audiences.


Web Development, User Interface, User Experience, Social Media Management

With the way the world is today, companies with no web presence are practically non-existent. Even mom-and-pop shops have seen the benefits of launching websites for their businesses, recognizing that, if done right, websites have a great return on investment.

We never have a template solution—every website is tailored specifically to every unique client’s needs. We do this because that’s the only way we can make a website worth investing into. Before we start, we always ask things like: Do you know what you want? Are you ready to hear what you actually need? Are you fully invested? Can you do it without us?

In our experience, we’ve learned that building a functional and goal-oriented website is no simple task, but it’s a task our clients have benefited from greatly.


Video Production, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Photography, Art

When developing a brand, we push opportunities to create more than just what's expected. It’s important to have unique elements to the brand and that is where “etcetera” comes into play. We have been blessed to have an array of multi-disciplinary designers, artists, and storytellers working with us in order to create an engaging experience between the brand and it’s audience on different levels. This can play out through photography, video, motion graphics, hand-lettering, and illustration. Within our profession, we are constantly looking for ways to challenge our creativity.We firmly believe that just because we haven’t done something before doesn’t mean we won’t be great at it.


Everything Communicates

Advertising isn’t just an ad published in a magazine or an animated gif on the side of your Facebook timeline. We approach every piece of communication to promote your brand properly and express your message effectively. Every campaign we develop should speak from a brand perspective and continually present the company’s voice to the public. Our job is to sell your company, your job is to run it.

We specifically fight on behalf of our clients in their respective industries, to astound the competition and give the public a reason to buy into their brand even more. If by then we haven’t turned people's heads, then we haven’t done our job.

About Us

We work hard and play hard.
Most times we do this simultaneously.

We are humbled to have such a great group of talented storytellers and developers. This diverse team consists of Josh Horvath, Todd Neilson, Rony Mikhael, and Melody McKay. The word "Group" in our name refers to the other members of our team that help us to continually push the envelope.

Our Process

How we drag our clients to success


The first step of our process is all about really getting to know you. We don’t just want to know about your business, we want to know about you and what makes you tick. How do you take your coffee…or is it tea? (It had better be coffee…)


The next step is to start discovering things about your industry and how to set you apart effectively. This is a time to start throwing some ideas at the wall (literally and figuratively) to see what ideas will really stick.


This is probably our favourite part. Once the concept is approved and we know we’re all headed in the right direction we begin to design and build upon the concepts. We design and refine, iterating on our work until we have the perfect solution for you.


We've all wanted to Instagram it, but we’ve had to keep the project hush-hush. We love the reveal—the moment you’ve been waiting for! We can finally launch the work we’ve been toiling over together.


Most people would think that the project ends at the reveal, but once we set these projects out into the world, we need to make sure they stand well on their own two feet. This takes some time of quality assurance and brand management. We do this by taking the time to educate our clients and make sure they understand how to get the most out of what we've built for them.

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